Our Daily Programme

At Birrahlee, we provide a programme that gives a wide range of stimulating activities within the security of a daily routine. We attempt to take into account both the general and specific needs of the children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.

Our 2018 Timetable
8.15am – Outside programme time
9.00am – Teachers available for a brief chat
10.30am – Bathroom/ wash hands /fruit time
11.00am – Inside programme time, music/language, craft, play
12.15pm – Story time
12.30pm – Bathroom/ wash hands / lunch
1.00pm – Inside play with puzzles and construction materials or rest time
2.00pm – Outside programme time
3.00pm – Inside group time/ news/ pack bags
3.45pm – Home

Please note, our program is flexible and changes with the interests and needs of the children.

Play, Learn, Thrive

Our focus is on the development of each child in safe, caring and fun environment.


At Play

Enjoying a fun, safe environment.



Developing physically though play.


Making friends

Learning important social skills.


being creative

Creating masterpieces.


You can lodge an enrolment application for your child online. Simply click on the ''Apply Now" button below and complete the application form.