Our Fees

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that all children in NSW can participate in 600 hours of quality preschool education in the year before school, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are.

To ensure that affordability is not a barrier for families with young children, the NSW Government provides Start Strong funding making 600 hours, or 15 hours per week, of preschool participation in the two years before school more affordable. At Birrahlee, this 15 hours per week is met by enrolling for two days per week.

The NSW Department of Education requires parents to sign two forms at the time of enrolment:

  • ‘Fee Relief Declaration’ and
  • ‘Consent to use and disclosure of personal information’
Your eligibility for Start Strong Funding, and the ‘Start Strong Fee Relief fees’ is conditional upon signing these forms.
Start Strong Affordable Preschool (3 year olds and 4 year olds)

From 2023, the NSW government has provided additional fee relief funding, based on $4,220 per annum per eligible child. This enables NSW preschools to reduce the daily fee as much as possible, within the Start Strong funding parameters.

This funding is for children who turn 3 or 4 years of age by 31 July in the preschool year and are enrolled in a preschool program for 15 hours per week. At Birrahlee this is met by enrolling 2 days per week. For children attending 3 days the third day is charged at the full day fee of $59.

Start Strong fee relief can only be accessed at one service, including preschool or long day care service. This ensures as many children as possible can access affordable early childhood education.

2023 Fee Amount per day
4 year old Start Strong Fee Relief fee $6.25
Unfunded fee 4yr old $59.00

Government Funded

For children who are 4 & 5 years old or who will turn 4 before 31 July in the preschool year.

  • $59 per day

Partially funded

For children turning 4 years old after 31 July in the preschool year.

  • $70 per day

Other Circumstances

There are reduced fees for low income Health Care Card holders and Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people.

  • Please enquire